• Discover the beauty of the Micro world: Whether you are a microbiology student or simply curious by nature and in possession of a few microscope slides, This smartphone microscope Adapter will help you not only observe but also capture and share magnified versions of the tiny matter around you..
  • Powerful magnifier lens: Featuring a combined digital and optimal magnification of 75x, this portable microscope will allow you to observe slide specimens with crisp, crystal clear quality and focused precision..
  • Enhanced picture clarity: equipped with a strong transmission light source (illuminator) and a cutting-edge focus adjustor, the Original Super eyes microscope combines Low learning costs with world-leading science showing you the path to rapid mastery!.
  • Universal compatibility with your devices: Compatible with the vast majority of smartphones, tablets, Laptops and monitors with cameras, This microscope eyepiece is perfect for Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, iPad, MacBook's and all similar electronic gadgets..
  • Extremely easy to use: Although featuring a complicated, patented design, the actual operation is extremely simple and can be performed by everyone, Regardless of your Tech or biology skills..
  • It can also be Used on smartphone's front-facing camera.
  • Imported from USA.
Here’s the one smartphone accessory that shouldn’t be missing from your arsenal! Perfect for microbiology, pharmaceutical, chemistry or medicine students or simply anyone in possession of a few microscope slides, This is an accessory that will bring the Micro world to life, right before your eyes! Presenting the original smartphone microscope by Super eyes Featuring a game-changing, patented design, the Super eyes microscope attachment boasts many benefits but here are the top 3: powerful magnification – zoom in 75 times on any microscope slide and observe slide specimens with accuracy and crystal-clear quality capture & share functions – simply grab photos or capture videos and share ultra-magnified versions of slide specimens with your Professor, teacher, fellow students and friends Universal Compatibility – as long as you own as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or monitor with camera, you can take advantage of this microscope attachment and learn more With fewer costs unrivaled technology – Easy installation The attachment can be effortlessly installed either with front or back phone cameras and the setup takes just a few moments. Integrated in the design, you will also find a 2-in-1 battery cover & switch as well as a premium Illuminator and focusing knob that together arm You with the ability to take images and videos of enhanced clarity. No more waiting! Just scroll up, click ‘Add to Cart’ and zoom in on the Micro world!