• LEARN TO SERVE LIKE THE PROS: ServeMaster takes you through what the serve motion feels like with the correct grip. Once you "get it" you can repeat your skills until you own your serve!.
  • INDISPENSABLE TENNIS TRAINING TOOL that’s great for overall coordination for continuous and sequential movement on the serve. Feel what a REAL flat, slice, kick, and topspin serve should feel like. ServeMaster also helps with timing, consistency, and placement.
  • PRACTICE ALL OF YOUR TENNIS SWINGS: ServeMaster can be used for practicing all types of swings including serves, ground strokes, and overheads. It's also perfect for movement drills, dynamic warm-up, stretching and strengthening, toss arm movement, tempo and consistency.
  • MASTER THE CONTINENTAL GRIP: Check marks on the ServeMaster correspond to a tennis racket and show you the proper way to hold your racket for the most natural serve motion.
  • TRAINING ON THE GO: Whether you're on the tennis court, in the garden, or even at the beach, take ServeMaster with you and master your serve.
  • Imported from UK.
The 3-Ball ServeMaster is your "racket" of learning and training. This tennis training device is designed for adult players of all levels and older, more experienced teens using a full-size racquet. This allows the players to feel the "pulling" of the weighted end, giving the service a better "whip" feel. You can carry ServeMaster in your pocket, use it on or off the court, in your garden or even on the beach! ServeMaster training products are manufactured in the United States. All ServeMaster coaches act as flexible clubs for learning, training and practice of tennis service, as well as for overhead and ground strokes. Discover how a natural and effective stroke technique speeds up learning. To improve faster and more naturally without even hitting a ball. Coaches, players, professionals, academies and parents use ServeMaster around the world and consider it the best educational tool for tennis on the tennis market. Supported by the French Tennis Federation and recommended to more than 10,000 clubs and facilities in France! Specifications: total weight of 425g, weighted weight of 255g, length of 68.5cm

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