• Why They'll love it Creepy Crawly Hand Sound activated Scary, but fun Like a Horror movie! .
  • Technical Stuff Age: 5+ Box Size: 20cm x 20cm x 22cm Weight: 630g Requires 3 x AA batteries (included) .
  • About Six Year Old Girls Six year old girls are equally happy digging in the garden, inspecting the world under a microscope, tearing around on their bike, or making friends with fairies and unicorns. They are very creative too and will love a Colour In Unicorn Top or a jewellery making set. And we have science sets which can make a great present for 6 year olds. .
    This hand looks creepy enough, but when you make a loud noise it will start to crawl. It's right out of an old horror movie! Sound activated, this is great for scaring little sisters or snoozing grandparents, any loud noise or music will kick start the hand into action, watch as it scuttles across the floor, guaranteed to produce a scream. The attack of the Crawling Hand - coming to a relative near you!