• Why They'll love it 100 outrageous belly laughs for pranksters Mischief-making jokes Another classic from Marvin's Magic .
  • Technical Stuff Age: 8+ Box Size: 31cm x 23cm x 5cm Weight: 350g .
  • About Eight Year Old Girls The Wicked Uncle Elf Research tells us that eight year old girls are keen scientists, lovers of the outdoors and very stylish fashionistas. Often found wearing funky odd socks, baking rainbow cakes or training their brain with cool IQ Puzzlers, they really appreciate gifts that allow them to express their individuality. They also love chocolate, obviously. .
    This wickedly fun set includes 100 outrageous belly laughs for pranksters. Prank your friends and family with mischief-making jokes like the Jumping Spider Eggs and seriously funny stunts with the Selfie Phone Squirter. There are up-to-date pranks for the modern day joker with the Smart Phone Spider Trick as well as classics like the Fake Parking Ticket. The fun booklet outlines the cunning approach required for setting up pranks like the Bone Cruncher and Freaky Body Surprises. Prepare to be pranked - there's no rest for the Wicked!