• Why They'll love it Wind up torch - no batteries Six showtime silhouettes Sticks are included for easier handling .
  • Technical Stuff Age: 3+ Box Size: 20cm x 14cm x 5cm Weight: 300g .
  • About Five Year Old Girls More advanced activity sets make great presents for five year old girls, now getting more adventurous. We have got lots of unusual toys and creativity kits, plus torches for reading under the covers and fun gardening sets. .
    Present a brilliant shadow show and bring the classic Little Red Riding Hood story to life! This clever, fun set comes with a storybook, script, six show silhouettes and a Big Bad Wolf-themed wind-up torch, no batteries required. Shine your torch onto your silhouette-on-a-stick puppets and project the characters on the wall. Follow the traditional script or read the wonderfully illustrated storybook as you play along. Creative fun making up stories you can tell to your family and friends.

    Shadow Puppets - Little Red Riding Hood