• Why They'll love it Carry net and 6 soft foam balls Shoots up to 20 feet Zombie power! .
  • Technical Stuff Age: 4+ Pack Size: 25cm x 18cm x 6cm Weight: 130g .
  • About Nine Year Old Girls Nine year old girls are clever, stylish, sophisticated and fun. They really enjoy unusual sets that will teach them to make their own perfume or create their own designs. And they like cool gadgets to impress their friends with. .
    This Zombie can literally shoot his brains out - put a small foam ball in his head and squeeze to shoot. This undead monster is air powered so the harder you squeeze him, the further the six soft foam brain balls will go. See how far you can make the brains fly, they can go over 20ft. It can be used both indoors and outdoors but don't aim at other living creatures - you wouldn't want to infect them with zombie brains! The best foam shooter for the walking dead - gruesome Zombie fun.