• 立即停止跟卖,别逼我搞事,第一:我能查得到你们公司,别让我问候你们亲戚,第二 我随时可以改标题产品数量,信不信让你100PCS 爆单,第三,我可以让反跟卖的大群,一人下一单,第四,如果还坚持跟卖,我大不了花钱让你们店铺有小红旗.
  • 【Special Design of the Water Inlet and Outlet】 The special design of the water inlet and outlet design completely solves the problem of difficulty in filling and filling the water in the past. A special device for connecting anti-wrapping hooks is added to the outside of the ball seat. When used with anti-wrapping hooks, the rubber band will no longer be entangled..
  • 【Tennis Trainer Rebound Ball】In less than a month you can have what it takes. This elastic cord can be stretched up to 10 metres. When the ball is knocked away, it will always come back, so that it can be hit again afterwards. This makes it possible to practice different strokes with the Tennis Trainer. The speed of hitting and footwork can also be trained with the Tennis Trainer..
  • 【Best gift for kids】 children can exercise at home, at the same time play with parents to increase emotions, to prevent children from playing too many electronic products to hurt their eyes..
  • 【Training Without Companion】Train anytime and anywhere when you want. Features everything a Tennis Player absolutely needs.Take your Tennis Skills to the high level in no time..
  • Imported from UK.
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Amigo S.L Tennis Trainer Rebound Ball Tennis Trainer Equipment Trainer Base Self-Study Practice Training Tool Training…